Liquid Mix Separator Package

Liquid Mix Separator Package

Spec. TU 3647-037-00153229-2014
Spec. TU 3683-042-00153229-2017

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  Liquid Mix Separator Package
  Liquid Mix Separator Package
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Liquid mix separator packages are intended to separate oil, water and other insoluble liquids; with major application at underground gas storage facilities, compressor stations and other industrial sites.

Liquid mix separator packages include separator, on-skid piping with block, control and safety valves, maintenance platforms, controls and instruments.

Separators appear as horizontal cylindrical vessels with corner piece, plate-type defoaming settling piece and weir inside; and are equipped with the applicable process piping connections, controls and instruments, and inspection and maintenance manhole.

Gas and liquid mix enters the separator where two fluids get separated by means of gravity (oil from water or other fluids); while water level remains the same, oil weirs over and is routed away via the applicable connection, and water is removed via dedicated drain. Bottom drain connections are included in scope.