Fuel Gas Treatment Packages (BPTG)

Fuel Gas Treatment Packages (BPTG)

Spec. TU 3647-037-00153229-2014

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  Fuel Gas Treatment Packages (BPTG)
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Fuel gas treatment packages (BPTG) are designed for the operation along with gas pumping facilities, overall gas treatment packages or provide compressor packages with instrument, fuel, shut-off, heating or utility gas.

BPTG packages provide:

  • supply/ shut-off fuel gas
  • heat up and maintain gas temperature and pressure within specified range automatically;
  • treat the incoming gas to remove mechanical particles and liquids;
  • measure and record gas flow.

Scope of the BPTG may include:

  • treatment and filtering devices,
  • gas heaters and assemblies,
  • gas pressure reduction devices,
  • commercial (or process) gas meters,
  • utility gas treatment skids,
  • chromatography or dew point analyzer part,
  • auxiliary systems,
  • firefighting skid,
  • heat fluid pre-treatment compartment,
  • control and power supply compartment.

All assemblies and systems may be placed to single building including several compartments fabricated in our shop and prepared for shipment in turn-key condition, at this staying within the standard forwarding dimensions per GOST 9238-83. Other options available for BPTG packages are supplied as separate skids or containerized.

Inlet gas pressure, MPa
0.6 … 16
Outlet gas pressure, MPa
0.001 … 7.5*
Flow, ths. nm3/hr
1 … 200**
Number of outlet connections, EA
up to 7
Maximum inlet diameter, mm
Maximum outlet diameter, mm
natural gas, APG or other gases
Inlet gas temperature, °С
minus 60 … 45
Outlet gas temperature, °С
minus 60 … 130
up to 9
Climatic performance per GOST 15150-69
U1, UKhL1, KhL1, U2, T1)
(Cyrillic У1, УХЛ1, ХЛ1, У2, Т1)
Design service life, years
up to 40
skid-mounted or containerized

* Available for customization for each connection upon request
** Total for all connections