Gazstroydetal Engineering works to provide the facilitys needs in detailed engineering and process documentation along with the development of new product types.

Gazstroydetals Engineering Team provides process calculations and design units and packages for oil& gas lifting, storage and processing sites.

Gazstroydetals Engineering Team offers:

  • Development of heat& material balances for combined cycle oil& gas treatment plants; low-temperature separation (incl. turbine expanders); low-temperature condensation plants with variety of cooling circuits; gas compressor stations and gas dryer plants.
  • Process calculations for separators, filters and heat exchangers, gas oil and oil product heaters, degasifiers, separators, absorbers, recuperation units, furnaces, fire evaporators and pump and column skids and assemblies.
  • Strength calculations for process vessels and piping, baseframe and enclosures with respect to process and external loads, temperature expansions and seismicity in the construction region.
  • Issue the full set of detailed engineering documentation including process design, workshop manufacturing documentation, bills of equipment and materials, testing programs and methods and operation documentation and develop equipment manufacturing technologies (method statements).

To confirm the correctness of process and strength calculations, applied design solutions and manufacturing methods, the equipment we build undergoes verification and validation in Gazstroydetals laboratory, independent certification and test agencies, passes field tests and warranty tests at the operation site.

The combination of infrastructure and hardware availability along with the skills of design& engineering team allows us maintaining high professional standards in the development of design and process documentation for the manufacture of various engineering products. This is the key to high quality, reliable and stable operation of the equipment by Gazstroydetal.