Plug & play prefabricated assemblies

Plug & play prefabricated assemblies

Spec. TU 1469-020-00153229-2012

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  Plug & play prefabricated assemblies
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Installation assemblies are designed to improve performance in construction and retrofitting of field and main gas lines, pumping and compressor stations, gas pretreatment and full-cycle processing plants and other plants in gas industry, by means of having major share of welding and installation activities moved from the field to manufacturing facility and proceeding with site activities in larger steps.

Manufactured Installation assemblies are suitable for all categories of main pipelines with operating pressure up to 11.8 MPa, field pipelines with operating pressure up to 16 MPa, process piping layout of pumping and compressor skids and other skids in gas industry with non-corrosive fluid-processing equipment of diameter from 57 mm to 1420 mm, climatic design U and UKhL and installation category I acc. to GOST 15150.

There are six conventional types of installation assemblies with various dimensions and scope of supply:

G – bend assemblies comprising one or several bends connected to piping;
T – T-piece assemblies comprising one or several of them connected to piping;
GT – bend&T-piece comprising one or several bends and T-pieces connected to piping;
PT (PG) – 3D with axis of bends, T-pieces and manholes connected to piping in different planes;
P – transition pieces comprising one or several transition pieces and manholes connected to piping;
K – valve assemblies comprising one or several valves and connection fittings connected to piping.

Reference example of installation assembly for operating pressure 9.8 MPa, line service factor m=0.6; climatic design UKhL, with two OKSh 45° diam. 1020 mm bends in 1.5xD turn radius and 1020х530 mm TShS T-piece. Two ends of the assembly are to be connected to pipe diameter 1020 mm x 22.0 mm WT, strength class K60, with one end welded to 530mm-diameter pipe with WT 16 mm and strength class K60. The assembly is 5480mm-long and 2010mm-wide:

ТУ 1469-020-00153229-2012

ENG: GT-1-2-1-9,8-0, 6-1020(22K60)-530(16K60)-1020(22K60)-5480/2010-UKhL
Spec. TU 1469-020-00153229-2012