Gazstroydetal is located just 5 km away from M2 «Crimea» federal route, 188 km from Moscow.

Railway available at our territory, own carriages and road motor transport allow us implementing various logistics schemes to have the products delivered, including oversized shipments with special tools and equipment.

Upon customer’s request, Gazstroydetal is available to arrange shipment and deliver its products to the most challenging locations all over Russia (like Far East or Siberian Federal Districts) and ship abroad with all the required customs declarations.


Our loading area is right here, at the plant territory.

Gazstroydetal’s exact address is 108 Skuratovskaya st., Tula, Russia.

Just set the coordinates in your GPS navigator: 54°08’18'' N and 37°35’18'' E or use the exact driving directions from M2 below: