Adapter rings

Adapter rings

Spec. TU 1469-006-00153229-2001*
Spec. TU 1469-006-00153229-2009**
Spec. TU 1469-035-00153229-2015**
Spec. TU 1469-040-00153229-2017

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  Adapter rings
  Adapter rings
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* Тechnical specification included in the Registry of Main Product Types Purchased by Transneft
** Тechnical specification included in the Registry of Gazprom Piping Products

Adapter rings allow conjunction of piping and fittings different in rated wall thickness (drop over half-rated pipe WT). The edges are processed to match specified piping and fitting wall thickness. Completed ring length is at least 250 mm, available diameter range is from 57 mm to 1420 mm.

Reference example of adapter ring connecting fittings and piping with OD up to 1020 mm, WT 18.4 and 16 mm and strength class K60, operating pressure 7.5 MPa at service factor m=0.6; climate design UKhL:

КП 1020(18,4×16К60)-7,5–0,6-УХЛ 
ТУ 1469-006-00153229-2009

ENG: KP 1020(18,4х16K60)-7,5-0,6-UKhL
Spec. TU 1469-006-00153229-2009