Gas Pressure Control Packages (GRP)

Gas Pressure Control Packages (GRP)

Spec. TU 3647-037-00153229-2014

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  Gas Pressure Control Packages (GRP)
  Gas Pressure Control Packages (GRP)
  Gas Pressure Control Packages (GRP)
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Gas pressure control packages (GRP) are the process units intended to reduce gas pressure and maintain it at the required level for gas distribution networks. GRP packages treat gas to remove mechanical particles, provide commercial metering, control inlet and outlet pressure, temperature and other gas parameters.

GRP packages provide:

  • gas treatment to remove droplets and mechanical particles followed by manual or automatic drain of treatment wastes;
  • gas pressure reduction form high to set lower, maintaining it at given accuracy regardless gas flow fluctuations and automatic gas supply shutdown at inlet gas pressure fluctuations beyond the allowable range;
  • process or commercial gas flow measurement and recording throughout the flow range with respect to readings (pressure, temperature, dew point etc.);
  • 24x7 automatic control over the operation condition for skid-mounted process equipment;
  • remote emergency alarms and routine process readings;
  • automatic condensate drains to the rundown tank;
  • natural gas quality readings using chromatograph, dew point analyzer, calorimeter or other selected instruments (available upon request).

The list of functionality options for GRP packages may be customized to Customer needs.

GRP packages come as:

  • containerized options featuring single or several thermally-insulated compartments or;
  • cabinet- or skid-mounted; both for indoor or outdoor installation.
Inlet gas pressure, MPa
0.6 … 1.2
Outlet gas pressure, MPa
0.001 … 1.2*
Flow, ths. nm3/hr
1 … 500**
Number of outlet connections, EA
up to 5
Maximum inlet diameter, mm
Maximum outlet diameter, mm
natural gas, APG or other gases
Inlet gas temperature, °С
minus 20 … 45
Outlet gas temperature, °С
minus 20 … 130
up to 9
Climatic performance per GOST 15150-69
U1, UKhL1, KhL1, U2, T1)
(Cyrillic У1, УХЛ1, ХЛ1, У2, Т1)
Design service life, years
up to 40
skid-mounted or containerized

* Available for customization for each connection upon request
** Total for all connections