Arsenal, Automated Gas Distribution Packages (AGRS)

Arsenal, Automated Gas Distribution Packages (AGRS)

Spec. TU 3647-037-00153229-2014

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  Arsenal, Automated Gas Distribution Packages (AGRS)
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Name-brand Arsenal Automated Gas Distribution Packages (AGRS) are designed to provide gas to consumers at specified quality, pressure, treatment quality and odorizing. Subject packages are installed at branch lines of main and field gas pipelines to provide gas for cities and smaller settlements, industrial and domestic facilities. AGRS packages may run with natural, associated petroleum and synthetic gas.

AGRS package kind of products is comprised of single or several prefabricated skids enabling prompt installation in the field. AGRS are pre-set for specified technical performance (inlet and outlet gas pressure, gas flow and outlet temperature) tailored for Customer needs.

Arsenal AGRS provides:

  • gas treatment to remove droplets and mechanical particles followed by automatic condensate drain;
  • gas preheating prior to pressure reduction;
  • gas pressure reduction from high to set lower, maintaining it at given accuracy during inlet gas pressure or flow fluctuations;
  • gas flow measurement;
  • recording and telemetering transmission of main package process parameters (inlet and outlet gas pressure and temperature);
  • gas odorizing;
  • automatic control over the operation condition for skid-mounted process equipment.

Fully prefabricated heating and ventilation systems may be included in scope upon request, ready for operation. Purge connections are included to purge the AGRS piping with nitrogen during the repair. AGRS packages may be purged from on-skid nitrogen bottles rack or from the external source.

Inlet gas pressure, MPa
1.2 …10
Outlet gas pressure, MPa
0.1 … 1.2*
Flow, ths. nm3/hr
1 … 1 000**
Maximum inlet diameter, mm
Maximum outlet diameter, mm
Number of outlet connections, EA
up to 4
Inlet gas temperature, °С
minus 20 … 45
Outlet gas temperature, °С
0 … 45
up to 9
Climatic performance per GOST 15150-69
U1, UKhL1, KhL1, U2, T1)
(CyrillicУ1, УХЛ1, ХЛ1, У2, Т1)
Design service life, years
30 (and above)
Single skid, containerized or custom engineering
AGRS maintenance options
  • centralized
  • occasional
  • ttendance
  • watch-basis

* Available for customization for each connection upon request
** Total for all connections