Gas Heaters

Gas Heaters

Spec. TU 3696-004-00153229-2014

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  Gas Heaters
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  Gas Heaters
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Gas heaters are intended to heat gas in order to prevent hydration in pressure reduction units and process gas lines, or heat gas for process needs at gas, power, oil or oil processing etc. industry facilities.

Main skids in scope with gas heaters:

  • gas tube bundle (U-tubes or floating head) with separation chamber;
  • heat generator bundle with flame tube and gas burner (burner skid);
  • gas pressure reduction skid with integrated isolation vales and fuel gas metering unit (meter available upon request);
  • automation skid with instruments;
  • gas heater casing and
  • baseframe.

Internal gas bundle is made of corrosion-proof steel grades such as 12Kh18N10T, 08Kh13, 20Kh13 (Cyrillic 12Х18Н10Т, 08Х13, 20Х13) etc.; while the remaining components come in low-alloyed steels such as 09G2S, 10G2 or 10ГG2FBU (Cyrillic 09Г2С, 10Г2, 10Г2ФБЮ) allowing operation temperatures down to minus 60 °С.

Gas heater operation logic is based on combustion products coming from the gas heat generator consequently moving along flame and smoke tubes and giving out their heat to interim heating fluid (f.i., diethylene glycol solution). At the next phase combustion products are vented out via the chimney, while the hot heating fluid transfers its heat via the bundle walls (U-tubes or floating head heat exchanger options available). Heated pressurized gas comes into and out of the heater via bundle’s separation chamber connections.

Gas heaters are fired and ramp up to the required performance automatically.

Gas heater control functions to:

  • monitor gas heating process data automatically using digital and analog transmitters enabling display at dedicated LCD;
  • maintain pre-set temperature for heated gas;
  • emergency control: once digital tripping transmitters set off the alarm or analog transmitter readings go outside the allowable range, LCD issues the appropriate warning, and skid controls trip the gas heater automatically;
  • communication with senior pant/ facility DCS.

Gas heater controls may run in several conditions:

  • Stop;
  • Fire;
  • Warm-up;
  • Run;
  • Trip and
  • Settings.

Gas heater automatic start sequence:

  • Pre-ventilation for the firebox;
  • Torch fire (Fire condition);
  • Main burner in small burn;
  • Firebox warm-up in small burn (Warm-up condition);
  • Transition to routine operation (Run condition).

Integrated software provides:

  • flexible tuning for controls in the hierarchy menu;
  • graphic display for process, actuators and instruments;
  • protection from unauthorized change of settings by means of password restriction to access the menu;
  • temperature control using AO temperature transmitter;
  • availability for communication with intellectual instruments/ transmitters;
  • availability for communication with senior DCS.

Manual control is also available for the gas heaters to allow the operator fire and ramp up to the required performance.

Nominal gas flow, ths nm3/hr, range
1 … 100*
Inlet gas temperature at the heater, °С, at least
minus 20
Heater outlet gas temperature, °С, range
35 … 70
Operation gas pressure, MPa
Rated gas flow to the burner skid, m3/hr, range
25 … 430*
Inlet gas pressure upstream the gas distribution package, MPa, range
0.3 … 1.2
Rated heating power, MW, range
0.25 … 4.3*

* Depending on the size

Extras available upon request:

  • different bundle operation ressure;
  • extra instruments and control valves;
  • telemetry for operation conditions and data transmission/ display to the main control room;
  • extra commercial gas metering unit;
  • U1 (Cyrillic У1, down to minus 40°С) or UKhL1 (Cyrillic УХЛ1, down to minus 60°С) climatic designs or
  • extra maintenance platforms.