Gas Separator Package

Gas Separator Package

Spec. TU 3647-037-00153229-2014

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  Gas Separator Package
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Gas separator packages are intended to remove mechanical particles and liquid drops from gas; with major application at underground gas storage facilities and other industrial sites.

Gas separator packages includes the gas separator, on-skid piping with block, control and safety valves, maintenance platforms, controls and instruments.

Gas separators appear as vertical cylindrical vessels with:

  • plate with mini cyclones to separate liquid from gas and
  • plate with filter cartridges for final gas treatment and liquid removal.

The unit has process piping and C&A connections.

Gas enters the unit via radial connection and reaches the inlet deflection plate to be pre-treated to remove liquids. Then gas is routed to mini-cyclones where partial liquid removal continues. The liquid caught in this plate is drained to the bottom of vessel via the rundown pipe to be drained via the applicable connection. Gas is finally treated in plate with filter cartridges, while drains are routed to the bottom of the cylinder via the applicable connection.