Gas Separator Package

Gas Separator Package

Spec. TU 3647-037-00153229-2014
Spec. TU 3683-042-00153229-2017

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  Gas Separator Package
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Gas separator packages are intended to remove mechanical particles and liquid droplets from gas; with major application at gas and gas condensate fields, underground gas storage facilities, low-temperature separation plants compressor and gas distribution packages and at other industrial sites.

Gas separator packages include:

  • gas separator (two gas separators with a hundred percent redundancy);
  • on-skid piping with block, control and safety valves;
  • maintenance platforms;
  • controls and instruments and
  • liquid and gas flow meters (if needed).

Gas separation skids have level meters and level alarms allowing monitor the fluid level and automatically maintain it within the given range.

Gas separators are also equipped with manholes to provide maintenance for internal components, swagelock upon request.