Gazstroydetal practices comprehensive product quality control throughout all phases of manufacture. All materials and components involved in the fabrication process pass the incoming control that evolves into every close quality control at every step of process activity, up to the point of full acceptance test cycle on finished goods.

To enable the above, we use various kinds of instrument control:

1. Nondestructive tests:

- radiographic and ultrasonic checks, colour and magnetic powder defectoscopy, visual and dimensional checks and thickness measurements.

2. Mechanical tests:

- conventional and physical yield limit, static stretch and bends, impact bend strength, specific elongation and contraction and etc.

3. Laboratory tests:

- chemical analysis and metallography studies, spectrum analysis using stationary and portable spectrum analyzer, adhesion and dielectric denseness tests for coating.

Gazstroydetal’s Laboratory is certified as the nondestructive and destructive test lab compliant with the requirements of GOST ISO/ IEC 17025-2009 and SDA-15-2009.

Many years of experience available with our team and test laboratory equipped with the best available hardware guarantee the highest quality of Gazstroydetal’s products.