Welded concentric transitions

Welded concentric transitions

Spec. TU 1469-006-00153229-2001*
Spec. TU 1469-006-00153229-2009**
Spec. TU 1469-035-00153229-2015**
Spec. TU 1469-040-00153229-2017
OST 34.10.753-97

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  Welded concentric transitions
  Welded concentric transitions
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* Тechnical specification included in the Registry of Main Product Types Purchased by Transneft
** Тechnical specification included in the Registry of Gazprom Piping Products

Adapter pieces are used for connection of pipes varying on diameter and are designed to smoothen pipeline diameter change.

Reference example of welded concentric transition for connection to pipe OD 720 mm and 530 mm, WT 14 and 10 mm, strength classes K56 and K54 accordingly, operating pressure 7.5 MPa at service factor m=0.6; climate design UKhL:

ПСК 720(14К56)х530(10К54)-7,5-0,6-УХЛ
ТУ 1469-006-00153229-2009

ENG: PSK 720(14K56)х530(10K54)-7,5-0,6-UKhL
Spec. TU 1469-006-00153229-2009
Документ без названия
Norms and Regulations Larger nominal diameter, DN Smaller nominal diameter, dn Operating pressure, Pop, MPa
Spec. TU 1469-006-00153229-2001 500… 1200 300… 1000 up to 11.8
Spec. TU 1469-006-00153229-2009 500… 1400 300… 1200 up to 9.8
Spec. TU 1469-035-00153229-2015 500 350… 400 up to 32.0
600…1000 400… 800 up to 16.0
1200…1400 600… 1200 up to 11.8
Spec. TU 1469-040-00153229-2017 500… 1200 300… 1050 up to 24.0
OST 34.10.753-97 500… 1600 250… 1400 up to 2.2
The adapter pieces are available in performance different from specified in the table (pressure, service factor or climate design) or for connection with piping of different thickness. The adapter pieces are available with adaptor rings (strength up to K60, length at least 250 mm) acc. to SNiP III-42-80 upon request and may come with eternal insulation coating according to Specifications TU 1469-011-00153229-2012 and TU 1469-006-00153229-2001.