Specification TU 51-295-2012

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The towers are designed for heat and mass exchange processes when steams (gases) contact fluids (possibly in several liquid phases) and when hard disperse phase is in (flushing devices).

The vessels appear as vertical cylinders in permanent or varying section, equipped with internal heat- and mass exchange units (steam& liquid inlets, cap-on etc) ensuring processes like rectification absorption, extract rectification and extraction (liquid-to-liquid contact) or direct heat exchange between steam (gas) and fluid (etc.).

The process is monitored and provided by applicable instruments in scope.

The units are quipped with maintenance manholes, swagelock upon request.

Pressure, MPa
up to 16
Volume, m3
down to 200

Available upon request are:

  • operation pressure, volume and capacity;
  • quantity and dimensions of connections;
  • extra instruments and block& control valves;
  • with or w/o supports;
  • climatic designs U (down to minus 40°С) and UKhl (down to minus 60°С) and
  • extra maintenance platforms.;