Gas filters

Gas filters

Spec. TU 3615-034-00153229-2013
Spec. TU 3683-042-00153229-2017

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  Gas filters
  Gas filters
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The filters are designed to filter mechanical particles from non-agggressive gases and air that aerate the seal surfaces of blocking components in pressure control, safety and other valves. The filters may be used as a part of various skids and assemblies, such as startup and instrument gas treatment plants, booster compressor stations, block and gas pressure control valves. The operation philosophy is having the gas passed through fine filter cartridge with small mesh and polypropylene packing. Filtering fineness available starts from 1 μm. Filtering element itself is a remobable cartridge allowing extraction from the body and cleaning.

Flow, thousand nm3/hr
up to 100
Operation gas pressure, MPa
Nominal diameters of connected piping DN
15… 300
Maximum pressure drop across clean filter cartridge, MPa
Maximum pressure drop across contaminated filter cartridge, MPa

Available options:

  • other operating pressures, volumes and typical dimensions;
  • other quantities and dimensions of connections;
  • extra instruments and valves;
  • with or w/o supports
  • climate design U (up to minus 40°С) and UKhL (up to minus 60°С);
  • extra maintenance platforms or
  • corrosion-proofing.