Heat exchange apparatus

Heat exchange apparatus

Spec. TU 3612-024-00153229-2013

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  Heat exchange apparatus
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Heat exchange apparatus products are designed to heat and cool liquid and gaseous process fluids in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and gas industries, power generation and housebuilding. Based on their application, heat exchangers differ into: heat exchangers, coolers, condensers and evaporators. Heat exchangers are shell and tube type and come with U-tubing, floating heads, expansion bellows or fix-head and are designed for gas-gas, gas-fluid and fluid-fluid solutions.

Depending on temperature range allowances of the operation environment, heat exchange apparatus may come in the following designs:

N (Cyrillic Н) – low-temperature, from minus 30 to plus 100ºC;
N1 (Cyrillic Н1) – low-temperature, from minus 40 to plus 100ºC;
N2 (Cyrillic Н2) – low-temperature, from minus 60 to plus 100ºC;
N3 (Cyrillic Н3) – low-temperature, from minus 70 to plus 100ºC;
O (Cyrillic О) – ordinary, from minus 20 to plus 100ºС;
S (Cyrillic С) – average, from minus 20 to plus 200ºС;
V (Cyrillic В) – high-temperature, from minus 20 to plus 300ºС and
V1 (Cyrillic В1) – high-temperature, from minus 20 to plus 350ºС.

Reference example for order placement, f.i.: floating head (P) shell& tube heat echanger (T) heating gas in horizontal design (G) and ordinary temperature tolerances for operation (0), flow capacity 50000 nm3/hr, schedule pressure in the shell 7.5 MPa, shell DN600 mm and climate design U:

Теплообменник ТПГО 50-7,5-600-У ТУ 3612-024-00153229-2013
ENG: heat exchanger TPGO 50-7.5-600-U Spec. TU 3612-024-00153229-2013

Available options:

  • operating pressures up to 16 MPa;
  • flow up to 50 thousand nm3/hr;
  • set volumes and schedule dimensions;
  • floating head (dismountable or fixed), U-tubing, expansion-bellowed or fix-head shells;
  • single- and multiple passage tubing;
  • single or double in arrangement;
  • various number and dimensions of connections;
  • extra instruments and valves;
  • vertical and horizontal designs;
  • with or w/o supports;
  • extra maintenance platforms or
  • heat-insulation.

Heat exchangers are available for PO based on the questionnaire.