Gazstroydetal makes forged fittings for main and field oil and gas lines, manholes for pipelines, pig launchers an receivers for oil and gas lines, separators and filters for oil and gas, pressure vessels, unattended (automated) gas distribution skids, and process packages for oil, gas and power generation sites.

Our products are made in accordance with both national GOST and industry standards and technical specifications listed in trusted registries of Gazprom and Transneft. All products are covered with certificates of compliance with Russian and international requirements to quality and industrial safety.

Our team is available for the most challenging orders, may it be time-wise, complexity or scope.

Among our advantages are great deal of expertise in the manufacture of machinery for oil and gas sector, high quality of products and adherence to our commitments. We are committed to building relationships with customers based on trust, respect and understanding, with appreciation to loyal and stable partners and commitment to offer most efficient and optimal solutions.

With both feet on the ground and continuing steady development and business reliability to offer, our plant is available for your business and will be glad to see you among Gazstroydetal’s loyal partners.