Separation gas treatment skids

Separation gas treatment skids

Spec. TU 3683-023-00153229-2013
Spec. TU 3683-042-00153229-2017

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  Separation gas treatment skids
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Separation type gas treatment skids (SBO) are built based on vortex type gas separators to filter gas and air from dust, mist and condensate and provide filtering fineness starting from 1 μm. SBOs are widely used as parts of gas distribution stations, gas treatment units, booster compressor stations and other oil& gas sites. SBOs are comprised with two or more vortex gas separators installed together rigidly on same baseplate with piping and valves. Operation of either separator may be enable or disabled by exercising variable control sequences for block valves. SBOs are fitted with level probes and automatic releases for condensate and particles.

Reference example of separation type gas treatment skid legend with DN300 on gas lines, No.x2 dust arresters and separator shell DN 700 rated for rated pressure 8 MPa.

SBO 300-2×700-8.0 TU (Spec.) 3683-042-00153229-2017
(Cyrillic СБО 300-2×700-8,0 ТУ 3683-042-00153229-2017)

Operation pressure, MPa
Flow, thousand nm3/hr
0…8 000 000
Pressure loss at operating pressure and rated flow, MPa, not exceeding
Weight, kg, up to
50 000

Available options:

  • other operating pressures, volumes and typical dimensions;
  • set flow/ capacity;
  • extra instruments and valves;
  • climate design U (up to minus 40°С) and UKhL (up to minus 60°С);
  • extra maintenance platforms.